Graphic Design Journey

Tudor Style homes. Located in Davenport and Iowa City Iowa.

So the journey begins…

As you can see from my portfolio, I do graphic design and photography. This is about how I got into it. Back in 2012, I think. A friend told me that since I have an eye for color and how I arranged my Care Bears. He thought I would be good at graphic design. Plus it was a job that seemed to fit my personality and social type.

So I went to Clinton Community College for that. At first, I didn’t know if id like it. But the more I learned and saw what programs could do. I started liking it and it sparked creative ideas.

People started noticing photography skills and mention that I had an eye for it. So, I decided to take a photography class. I learned about the DSLR camera, photo editing, and how to use my camera which was a Nikon 3500. I actually ended up liking it and it got me to start playing around like photoshop and editing.

So now I do extremely colorful edits on my photo when I’m bored. But I also stick to doing real edits. In the class I took I got to photograph different things. I did one project on different styles of houses and then turn them into pop art. I did another one of graffiti, which is hard to do in the winter, and it’s all been painted over.

I also learned InDesign. It is one of my favorite programs. Some of the things I’ve done are. I made a catalog for Sugarpill Cosmetics, a dinner menu, and the Graphic Design’s publication. After seeing what these programs can do together, it just makes me think of more things I can do.

After learning photography and doing those projects. It has made me want to photograph more than just my looks. Now I photograph the adventures me and my son go on. One project I want to start doing is photos of my collection and making a book or magazine of the items I have or still need.

Now that I know about design and photography. It made me see what aspects of design I like. Whether it’s making posters, calendars, billboards, or menus.

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